Lecture Announcement—Embassy of Tuvalu to Lecture on Ano Making and the History of Te Ano at Taipei Municipal Bailing Senior High School/演講公告—吐瓦魯大使館人員將於台北市百齡高級中學演講「Te Ano」運動之歷史與編球技巧 / by Minute Taupo

On Friday 31st October, 2014, Ambassador and Madame Taupo, as well as other staff from the Embassy of Tuvalu, will present a lecture on “ano” making and the history of “Te Ano” from 19:00 to 21:00 at Taipei Municipal Bailing Senior High School. The lecture will be hosted as part of Taipei Shilin Community College’s “Learning and Life” lecture series, which will extend from 27th to 31st October and include a total of 22 lectures. If you would like to attend the Embassy’s lecture on “ano” making, you can e-mail the Embassy at tuvaluembassyroc@gmail.com and we can register on your behalf!

2014年10月31日(五)19:00至21:00,陶敏德大使及其夫人陶思靈女士與吐瓦魯大使館員工將於台北市百齡高級中學演講「Te Ano」運動之歷史與編球技巧。該演講為台北市士林社區大學舉辦之「芝蘭WTO公民好學愛生命」系列講座中的一場;該系列講座時間為10月27日至31日,共有22場演講。若欲參加,請透過電子郵件(tuvaluembassyroc@gmail.com),請大使館員工替您報名!