2014 ITF Tuvalu Tourism Booth to Exhibit Tuvaluan Crafts and Enchanting Scenic Photos Free Limited-Edition Commemorative Cards Available/2014 ITF 吐瓦魯攤位贈送限量版酷卡 展出傳統禮品與絕景海報 / by Minute Taupo

Tuvalu is a small South Pacific nation composed of nine enchanting islands, abundant turquoise lagoons, and stunning coral reefs. Tuvalu boasts pristine beaches and a serene tropical atmosphere, making it a magnificent ocean paradise. Additionally, although the nation’s landmass and population are small, Tuvalu’s traditional culture is highly representative among the Polynesian subregion and stands as a paradigm that has successfully integrated traditional and modern trends. However, Tuvalu has also increasingly experienced the detrimental influences of sea level rise and other effects of global warming, which has threatened both the nation’s unique traditional culture and its exquisite island scenery. Consequently, when promoting tourism, the Government of Tuvalu has consistently emphasized the need for a tourism industry that prioritizes environmental and cultural preservation, which has led to the development of an uncommon tourism culture in which the focus is not on large-scale resorts cut off from the daily lives of the local people but on an experience that immerses the traveler in the realities of Tuvaluan life and the true, unadulterated beauty of the Tuvaluan countryside.

At the 2014 ITF, the Tuvalu Tourism Booth will proudly promote both Tuvalu’s traditional culture and its gorgeous scenic views through exhibitions of culturally representative handicrafts, such as traditional mats, shell necklaces, wooden canoes, and fans, and stunning photos of Tuvalu’s scenery shot by professional photographers. Because these handicrafts and scenic landscapes are extremely significant to the people and culture of Tuvalu, visitors to the Tuvalu Booth at the ITF will gain an enhanced appreciation for Tuvalu’s tourism industry, as well as the one-of-a-kind experience touring Tuvalu provides. Staff at the Tuvalu Booth will also introduce several of the tourism activities currently popular in Tuvalu, including customized “island-hopping” trips; snorkeling and scuba diving adventures in lagoons, coral reefs, and the ocean deeps; and traditional dance and culture performances. Finally, during the ITF, the Tuvalu Booth will give away limited-edition commemorative cards featuring Tuvalu’s stunning scenery to the first 3,500 visitors to the booth on any day of the Fair!


因此,2014台北國際旅展期間,吐瓦魯攤位將把焦點放在推廣吐瓦魯的原始文化與燦爛風景,將展出許多具吐瓦魯傳統文化代表性之獨特物品,如傳統草蓆、傳統貝殼項鍊、傳統獨木舟及傳統扇等,也將展示由專業攝影師所拍攝的絕世美景。這些物品與風景對吐瓦魯人民與文化的重要性非常高,所以將讓參觀吐瓦魯攤位的民眾更加了解吐瓦魯觀光產業的獨特特性,以及吐瓦魯旅遊能夠帶來的特殊感受。吐瓦魯攤位員工也會一一介紹吐瓦魯目前最流行的觀光活動,如量身訂做的island hopping(周遊列島)之旅,潟湖、珊瑚礁與大海浮潛與潛水挑戰,以及傳統舞蹈表演與文化體驗活動。此外,旅展期間,吐瓦魯攤位將每天贈送參觀攤位的前三千五百名民眾吐瓦魯限量版酷卡,使民眾能把吐瓦魯美麗無比的自然風景帶回家,留下一個美好的紀念!