Tuvalu Tourism Booth Draws Crowds and a Visit from Tuvalu’s Governor General During the 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair/2014台北國際旅展期間吐瓦魯攤位吸引大批人潮 吐瓦魯總督亦參觀吐瓦魯攤位 / by Minute Taupo

Taiwan’s 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair extended from Friday 7th November, 2014 to Monday 10th November, 2014, and was held at the First and Third Exhibition Halls of Taipei’s World Trade Center. The Fair’s Tuvalu Tourism Booth was sponsored by Tuvalu’s Department of Tourism and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was staffed by personnel from the Embassy of Tuvalu in Taiwan, as well as Tuvaluan students currently studying in Taiwan. The Booth promoted both Tuvalu’s traditional culture and its gorgeous scenic views through exhibitions of culturally representative handicrafts, such as traditional mats, shell necklaces, wooden canoes, and fans, and stunning photos of Tuvalu’s scenery shot by professional photographers. Staff at the Tuvalu Booth also introduced several of the tourism activities currently popular in Tuvalu, including customized “island-hopping” trips; snorkeling and scuba diving adventures in lagoons, coral reefs, and the ocean deeps; and traditional dance and culture performances. 

Largely because of the Tuvalu Tourism Booth’s unique exhibitions of Tuvaluan crafts and scenic views, as well as a promotion in which limited-edition commemorative cards featuring Tuvalu’s stunning scenery were given as complementary gifts to visitors, the Booth attracted over 5,000 visitors during the four days of the Fair and was even visited by Tuvalu’s Governor General H.E. Sir Iakoba Taeia Italeli and Tuvalu’s Minister of Communication and Transport Honorable Monise Tuivaka Laafai on Saturday 8th November, 2014. During the Fair, staff at the Booth were pleased to note that interested travelers asked a variety of questions regarding not only Tuvalu’s basic location and background but also concerning recommended routes when traveling from Taiwan to Tuvalu and information on local accommodations in the country.

2014年11月7日(五)至11月10日(一),財團法人台灣觀光協會於台北世貿中心展覽一、三館舉辦2014台北國際旅展。吐瓦魯於該旅展所設立之攤位由吐瓦魯觀光局與中華民國外交部贊助。旅展期間,由吐瓦魯駐華大使館員工及在華留學之吐瓦魯學生擔任該攤位之工作人員。吐瓦魯攤位極力推廣吐瓦魯的原始文化與燦爛風景,展出許多具吐瓦魯傳統文化代表性之獨特物品,如傳統草蓆、傳統貝殼項鍊、傳統獨木舟及傳統扇等,也展示由專業攝影師所拍攝的絕世美景。吐瓦魯攤位員工也一一介紹吐瓦魯目前最流行的觀光活動,如量身訂做的island hopping(周遊列島)之旅,於潟湖、珊瑚礁與深海浮潛與深潛挑戰,以及傳統舞蹈表演與文化體驗活動。


Pictures of the Tuvalu Tourism Booth at the 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair can be found below: