Embassy of Tuvalu Lectures on Ano Making and the History of Te Ano at Taipei Municipal Bailing Senior High School/吐瓦魯大使館人員於台北市百齡高級中學演講「Te Ano」運動之歷史與編球技巧 / by Minute Taupo

On Friday October 31st, 2014, Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo and staff from the Embassy of Tuvalu presented a lecture on ano making and the history of Te Ano at Taipei Municipal Bailing Senior High School. The lecture was organized by Taipei Shilin Community College, and the Embassy was specially invited to lecture on Te Ano because the College’s Vice President Ms. Liu Junying had been highly impressed by the Tuvalu Booth hosted by the Embassy at the 2014 Shilin International Cultural Festival, where ano making was a featured activity. The lecture was presented as a part of Shilin Community College’s “Learning and Life” lecture series, which extended from 27th to 31st October and included a total of 22 lectures.

The ano lecture was highly successful and provided audience members with not only a basic understanding of the history and rules of Te Ano, but also with hands-on experience weaving an ano. With the help of Tuvalu students studying in Taiwan, Embassy staff assisted the audience at the lecture make their own ano, and many members of the Taiwanese audience proved quite adept at ano weaving, easily completing one ano and even asking to make a second and third ano!

2014年10月31日(五),陶敏德大使與吐瓦魯大使館員工於台北市百齡高級中學演講「Te Ano」運動之歷史與編球技巧。該演講由台北市士林社區大學舉辦。該大學副校長在參加2014年士林國際文化節時,發現吐瓦魯攤位「ano」球教學活動十分精彩,吸引了許多民眾的眼光,於是特別邀請吐瓦魯大使館演講介紹「ano」球之歷史與編織法。此外,該演講為士林社大所舉辦之「芝蘭WTO公民好學愛生命」系列講座中的一場;該系列講座時間為10月27日至31日,共有22場演講。

這次演講非常成功,不僅使觀眾更加了解「Te Ano」之歷史與規則,還讓他們有機會學習「ano」球之編織技巧。演講結束後,吐瓦魯大使館員工與在華留學之吐瓦魯學生指導聽眾如何編織自己的「ano」球;參加演講的許多聽眾都很快速地掌握「ano」球之編織技巧,還要求多做幾個「ano」球來將編織技巧練好。

Pictures of this exciting event, as well as the powerpoint presentation used during the lecture, can be found below:


Ano Powerpoint (簡報)