Taiwan’s Ching Fu Group Donates Funds to the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. to Provide for the Purchase of the Embassy’s First Motor Vehicle/臺灣慶富集團捐贈一百六十萬臺幣 協助吐國駐華大使館購買大使館首輛座車 / by Minute Taupo

        On Thursday 23rd January 2014, Taiwan’s Ching Fu Group, which is the largest private shipbuilding company in Taiwan and which is under the partial control of the Honorary Consul-General for Tuvalu in Taiwan, inaugurated the “Ching Fu Group Donation Ceremony for the Tuvalu Embassy” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During this ceremony, the Ching Fu Group publicly donated NT$1,610,000 (equivalent to approximately A$60,600) to the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. to provide partial funding for the purchase of the first Embassy motor vehicle. H.E. Ambassador Minute A. Taupo, his family, and Embassy staff attended the event and were joined by two representatives from the Southern Taiwan Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the R.O.C., Director John C. Chen and Senior Secretary Tsao Sung-mao.  High-level representatives from the Ching Fu Group, including Chairman Chen Ching Nan and his sons John Chen (the Honorary Consul-General for Tuvalu in Taiwan) and Steve Chen (the Honorary Consul-General for Nauru in Taiwan), organized and hosted the ceremony proceedings at the Ching Fu Group Headquarters in Kaohsiung.

         During the Donation Ceremony, Ching Fu’s Chairman Chen Ching Nan and H.E. Ambassador Taupo delivered opening remarks expressing their satisfaction with the success of donation proceedings, and the ceremony was completed with closing remarks from Honorary Consul John Chen and MOFA Southern Taiwan Office Director John C. Chen, who both commented on their goal of cultivating enhanced relations between Tuvalu and Taiwan. A large cardboard car key was also presented to Ambassador Taupo to symbolize the Ching Fu Group’s donation of funds to the Embassy of Tuvalu, and a group photograph was taken to commemorate the event.  Finally, the Ambassador, his family, Embassy staff, and officials from MOFA’s Southern Taiwan Office were hosted to a luncheon at the Kaohsiung Ambassador Hotel on behalf of the Ching Fu Group.

         The “Ching Fu Group Donation Ceremony for the Tuvalu Embassy” marks the successful completion of a difficult long-term process to obtain sufficient funding for the purchase of a suitable vehicle for the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. The support provided by the Ching Fu Group and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs throughout this process has been essential to the strengthening of relations between Tuvalu and Taiwan, and representatives attending the Donation Ceremony expressed their hope that the relationship between the two nations would continue to flourish into the future.      

     2014年1月23號(四)臺灣最大的私立船廠慶富集團在高雄舉辦「慶富集團-吐瓦魯座車捐贈儀式」。儀式中,慶富集團捐贈161萬元給吐國駐華大使館,做為購買大使館第一輛座車所用。吐國特命全權大使陶敏德(Minute Alapati Taupo)、其家人與大使館工作人員全體出席慶富集團舉辦的捐贈儀式;外交部南部辦事處處長陳忠與簡任秘書曹松茂也一同到場慶賀。慶富集團的高層代表,即陳慶男董事長及其兩個兒子吐國駐高雄名譽總領事陳偉志,與諾魯駐高雄名譽領事陳偉郎,在慶富集團營運總部大樓舉行這次的捐贈儀式。