Lecture Announcement-An Overview of Tuvalu: Financial Strategies and Environmental Advocacy/演講公告-海角樂園:吐瓦魯國的財經策略與環保規劃 / by Minute Taupo

On Wednesday 28th May, 2014, Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo from the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. (Taiwan) will present a lecture entitled “An Overview of Tuvalu: Financial Strategies and Environmental Advocacy” as part of Academia Historica’s “放眼世界-Open to the World” lecture series. The Embassy welcomes anyone interested in this topic to join us at Academia Historica for the event!

Speaker: Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo from the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Topic: An Overview of Tuvalu: Financial Strategies and Environmental Advocacy

Time: 28th May, 2014 (Wednesday) 2:00-4:00 (The lecture venue will open to the public at 1:15)

Location: 4th Floor Auditorium of Academia Historica (No. 2, Sec. 1, Changsha St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10048, Taiwan)

Brief Description: The South Pacific nation of Tuvalu is a low-lying island group that does not exceed four meters above sea level at its highest point. Tuvalu is also currently considered both a “Least Developed Country” and a “Small Island Developing State.” In view of Tuvalu’s environmental and economic circumstances, the Government of Tuvalu has worked diligently to devise various financial policies and environmental strategies that can serve to both increase national and per capita income and mitigate rising sea levels triggered by climate change. Minute Alapati Taupo, current Ambassador at the Embassy of Tuvalu in the R.O.C. (Taiwan), formerly served as Tuvalu’s Permanent Secretary for Finance and Economic Development. Consequently, Ambassador Taupo possesses a comprehensive understanding of Tuvalu’s financial policies as well as unique views regarding the nation’s environmental concerns. During his lecture, Ambassador Taupo will explain the history of several significant financial strategies and environmental measures that have been adopted by the Government of Tuvalu.

Contact Number: 2316-1055

The lecture will be conducted in English with consecutive Mandarin translation provided.

2014年5月28日星期三下午二至四時,吐瓦魯國駐華大使陶敏德將參與國史館所舉辦的「放眼世界-Open to the World」專題演講系列活動。大使演講題目為「海角樂園:吐瓦魯國的財經策略與環保規劃」,歡迎對講題有興趣之人士踴躍參加!






聯絡電話:2316-1055 采集處推廣科