Exhibition Announcement: Tuvalu Handicrafts to be Shown at the TaiwanICDF's International Volunteer Forum and Exhibition/展覽公告:國合會之國際志工論壇與特展將展出吐瓦魯國文物 / by Minute Taupo

       From 26th to 27th April, 2014, the TaiwanICDF will hold an International Volunteer Forum and Exhibition on the 1st Floor of the M2 Building at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. During the event, the TaiwanICDF will invite volunteers who have returned from the “Overseas Volunteer Service” program to share their experiences of life and service abroad. Volunteers who served in Tuvalu will be presenting their experiences from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on 26th April, 2014 (the registration deadline for this event is 17th April, 2014; register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11_gOK3NdMvmOGEtzXqYglhas96SLbyHhb-f3Ro__TJ4/viewform). Additionally, cultural objects from Tuvalu and other South Pacific nations, as well as Latin America and Africa, will be displayed at the forum, and interactive activities will be arranged throughout the event. If you are interested in foreign cultures or volunteering overseas, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn about the TaiwanICDF’s volunteer program! For more information, please visit the main page for the International Volunteer Forum and Exhibition at http://www.icdf.org.tw/2014exhibition/index.html.