Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo Delivers Keynote Speech at the Taiwan Power Shift Conference Held by the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition/陶敏德大使於台灣青年氣候聯盟舉辦之台灣氣候行動培訓營發表專題演講 / by Minute Taupo

On the morning of Saturday 12th July, 2014, Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo delivered the keynote opening speech for the Taipei session of the Taiwan Power Shift (TPS) Conference sponsored by the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC). The TPS Conference was developed based on the Global Power Shift event initiated by in 2013, which sought to shift power from the “Have’s” to the “Have-Not’s” and transform resources from “dirty energy” to “clean energy.” Two TPS sessions were held this year in Taiwan (one in Taipei and one in Kaohsiung) to encourage youth throughout Taiwan to take real action against the threats posed by climate change.

During his keynote speech at National Taiwan University, Ambassador Taupo focused his discussion on the major influences climate change has had and will continue to have on Tuvalu, and outlined specific policies the Government of Tuvalu has implemented to not only better understand climate change mechanisms but also to mitigate the effects climate change has on the people and territories of Tuvalu. The Ambassador also expressed his hope that Taiwanese youth utilize the opportunity provided by the TPS Conference to devise creative and proactive strategies regarding energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions, and explained that if Taiwanese NGOs, NPOs, or volunteer groups are interested in assisting Tuvalu in its fight against climate change, they are welcome to contact the Government of Tuvalu regarding collaborative projects.

陶敏德大使於2014年七月十二日(六)早上在台灣青年氣候聯盟舉辦之台灣氣候行動培訓營(台北場)發表開幕專題演講。台灣青年氣候聯盟是因為深受國際氣候組織350.org於2013年所主辦之全球氣候行動培訓營(Global Power Shift)的啟發,而決定舉辦今年之台灣氣候行動培訓營活動。該培訓營試圖使貧富平均共享能源,並且將「污染性能源」轉變為「乾淨能源」。今年台灣青年氣候聯盟將在台北與高雄舉辦兩場培訓營,鼓勵全台年輕人實際行動,以對抗氣候變遷所造成之威脅。


The text of Ambassador Taupo’s keynote speech, as well as the powerpoint that accompanied the speech, can be found below:


TPS Keynote Speech Text (講稿)

TPS Keynote Speech PPT (簡報)