Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo Speaks at the Cyuanhua Temple Association Year-End Party/陶敏德大使於財團法人獅山勸化堂尾牙聚餐致詞 / by Minute Taupo

On 10th February, 2015, Ambassador Minute Alapati Taupo and Madame Seleta Kapua Taupo traveled to Miaoli to attend the Year-End Party hosted by the head of the Cyuanhua Temple Association, Chairman Huang Jin-Yuan. The Cyuanhua Temple was first built in 1897 and is the largest temple in Miaoli’s Lion Mountain, suggesting the importance of the organization that manages the temple (the Cyuanhua Temple Association). Under the leadership of Chairman Huang Jin-Yuan, the Cyuanhua Temple Association has served as an extremely strong supporter of the Embassy of Tuvalu, previously providing sponsorship during the Tuvalu Youth Troupe’s 2014 trip to Taiwan and hosting a performance in Miaoli for the Troupe.

This year, the Cyuanhua Temple Association again demonstrated its support for the Embassy by pledging funds toward the Embassy’s participation in the 2015 Taipei Tourism Expo. Consequently, during the Temple Association’s Year-End Party, Ambassador Taupo presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Chairman Huang and the Cyuanhua Temple Association to recognize their outstanding friendship and encouragement.