Tuvalu Students Participate in the Fu Jen Catholic University Language Center’s International Culture Day /吐瓦魯學生參加輔仁大學語言中心「國際文化日」 / by Minute Taupo

On 6th May, 2015, the five first-year MOFA Taiwan Scholarship students currently studying Chinese at Fu Jen Catholic University’s Language Center participated in the Language Center’s annual International Culture Day. During the Culture Day, Tuvalu students Taeia Penitusi Taeia, Sama Sapakuka, Telupe Tepaukie, Walter Teiapa Teilauea, and Paul Aso Simeona Teasi hosted a booth featuring traditional Tuvalu handicrafts, posters depicting Tuvalu’s breathtaking landscapes, and pamphlets providing basic information on Tuvalu. The students also explained Tuvaluan culture to Fu Jen students and staff using both Chinese and English, which provided them with an excellent opportunity to practice their language skills! At the end of the Culture Day, the Tuvalu students were also specially invited to present a dance performance for all attendees at the event!

2015年5月6日,於輔仁大學語言中心學習中文之五名吐瓦魯「台灣外交部獎學金」學生,參加語言中心所舉辦之年度「國際文化日」。國際文化日期間,吐瓦魯學生Taeia Penitusi Taeia、Sama Sapakuka、Telupe Tepaukie、Walter Teiapa Teilauea 與Paul Aso Simeona Teasi設立攤位,以展示吐瓦魯傳統手工藝品與絕世美景並提供吐瓦魯之基本資訊。這五名吐瓦魯學生也使用中文與英文解釋吐瓦魯文化,充分活用了他們的語言學習成果。最後,文化日活動接近尾聲時,輔仁大學語言中心主任還特別邀請這五名吐瓦魯學生上台表演吐瓦魯傳統舞蹈,全場歡聲雷動。