[2018 March 23-24] Experiencing Hualien with MOFA/ 涂莉梅大使及夫婿 同外交部長吳釗燮與駐台使節代表 共遊花蓮 / by Minute Taupo


訪團在花蓮首日即參訪布洛灣,品嚐原住民風味餐,以及一步一腳印前往燕子口步道 近距離欣賞太魯閣國家公園之美。




涂莉梅大使也深深愛上台灣東部的秀麗景緻及人文風情。誠摯推薦大家前往花蓮旅遊 享受自然。

Amb. Limasene Teatu and Mr. Teatu visited Hualien, Eastern Taiwan with Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu and Deputy Minister Jose Maria Liu on March 23-24.

On the first day, Amb. Teatu and the delegation visited Buluowan, a traditional settlement of the Atayal tribe, where they were treated to aboriginal cuisine and enjoyed a tribal dance. They later visited the Yanzikou trail, a major tourist attraction in Taroko National Park.

The following day, Amb. Teatu and the delegation visited a community in Ruisui Township and learned to make pineapple cakes, one of Taiwan’s signature pastries, as well as picked the tropical fruit at a plantation. The group wrapped up the tour by taking the Puyuma express train back to Taipei.

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