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Tuvalu dismisses proposal of citizenship swap, calls instead for more climate action/吐瓦魯捍衛主權 拒絕以海洋資源換取澳洲國籍 by Minute Taupo

Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga says a recent suggestion to swap Australian citizenship for maritime resources is an isolated view with no support, but countries still need to take drastic action to combat climate change.

Last month former Australian PM Kevin Rudd wrote in a recent essay that Australia should offer citizenship to residents of the small Pacific nations of Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru in exchange for control of their seas, Exclusive Economic Zones, and fisheries.

PM Sopoaga has described Kevin Rudd's proposals as "imperial thinking" and said the importance of Pacific nations' culture, tradition and sovereignty should be respected. However, he didn't believe Mr. Rudd represented the stance of Australia or New Zealand.

There're better way to work with small island nations when it comes to dealing with climate change.

PM Sopoaga reiterated a call that was made at 2018 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) meeting that urged Australia to abandon coal power generation within 12 years, and to prohibit new coal plants or expansion of existing ones. World leaders should look towards more renewable energy sources rather than coal.

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吐瓦魯總理索本嘉嚴正回應前澳洲總理陸克文(Kevin Rudd)太平洋小島國如吐瓦魯、吉里巴斯等,可以海洋資源換取澳洲國籍之提議。




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Tuvalu and New Zealand sign statement of partnership/吐瓦魯、紐西蘭簽署夥伴關係聲明協議 by Minute Taupo

New Zealand's DPM also foreign minister Winston Peters has led a ministerial delegation to Tuvalu on March 3rd, 2019, where he met Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga.

During the visit, PM Sopoaga and Minister Peters signed the "Tuvalu-New Zealands Statement of Partnership", which prioritizes working together on climate change, workforce development and regional security.

Minister Peters said the agreement sets out the fundamental principles for the relationship to develop between 2019-2023.

PM Sopoaga said with its various challenges, Tuvalu's voice needs to be heard more clearly internationally and within the region. The new agreement will assist in this regard. He also believed the new agreement is as pathway for two nations to move forward and hopefully can regularize meetings between Tuvalu and Wellington.

PM Sopoaga further said that there're many areas that the two countries can work together on. "Issues of climate change; visa, immigration issues of Tuvaluans coming to New Zealand; vocational training and hands-on training and the building of local capacity of Tuvalu."

The New Zealand delegation, which includes Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni and Pacific People Minister Aupito William Sio.

Photo: RNZ Pacific / Koro Vaka'uta



紐西蘭副總理暨外長皮特斯(Winston Peters)於3月3日率團訪問吐瓦魯,期間與吐國總理索本嘉(Enele Sopoaga)簽署《夥伴聲明協議》,未來雙方將優先就氣候變遷、勞動力發展及區域安全三大領域進行合作。


吐紐雙邊有眾多可展開合作的領域: 氣候變遷、簽證核發、移民議題、職業訓練及人員培力等。

另紐國社會發展部長Carmel Sepuloni及太平洋民族部長Aupito William Sio亦隨團訪問。

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